Trick Training

Bored with regular obedience? Would you like to have more fun with your dog? Would like to build more confidence, more reliability, and more steadiness in your dog? Here at The Dawg Trainer, we have the class for you! Our trick training class does all of the above as well as give you ways to help solve minor behavioral problems you maybe having at home.

This is a 6 week class that teaches commands like “Beg” or “Sit Pretty”, Jumping over rods and your legs, how to balance a treat on the dog’s nose or paws, “Leave it”, “Shy”, “Shake”, “Touch it”, “Bow”, “Dead Dog”, “Roll Over” and many more. Each week we will work on a new set of commands that improve steadiness and confidence in a fun and exciting atmosphere. By the end of the class, you will have not only learned new and fun tricks to perform with your dog but you will also have learned ways to communicate with your dog so you can build on the relationship you have started to grow.

The cost of this class is $125.00 plus the cost of your tools. You can buy your tools where ever you wish but we will also have them on hand before every class. The list of tools you will need to purchase if you do not already have them is:

6 Foot Leash
10 – 15 Foot Leash
Flat Collar
Treat bag or dispenser with easy access.
Favorite dog toy.
Hula Hoop that the dog can fit through easily.
Walking stick or cane or dowel approximately 3 foot in length.

To see when the next trick class starts, please check the calendar. To receive an enrollment form, please call 636-279-5553 or email

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