Testimonial 1

PJ came into our lives a little over a year ago. When she came to the house she spent about 20 minutes with our one-year old Labrador (Bess) and had her totally under control. She taught us how to use the remote collar (after having us hold it in our hand so we could see exactly how it felt) and within an hour Bess was heeling and sitting. She was focused and actually seemed to be enjoying being our companion. She settled in and, although it took a few weeks for her to get everything together, there were immediate changes in her behavior.

One of the most enjoyable experiences has been PJ’s dog socialization class. A group of us meet and work our dogs every Saturday. We also do people stuff and when we have a barbecue it is amazing to see all of our dogs, off leash, laying and staying down. I never thought I would see Bess remain down – much less with other dogs!

I think the nicest part is that we get to see our dogs being dogs, playing with one another, walking and swimming together, ignoring one another, just being content. PJ is also good at training owners, probably the most difficult part. I have learned so much about the way dogs think, about their body language – from the position of their ears to the direction their tails are wagging. PJ is so in tune with each and every dog. I can’t recommend the Dawgtrainer strongly enough! Please contact PJ! She’s Nanny 911 for dog owners.

Melinda and Andy and Bess

Testimonial 2

“I just want to Thank You again and again and again for what you did for Moses and me. I just can’t believe what you accomplished in 2 short weeks. All I wanted was a dog that would pick the bird up in the field and bring it back into me instead of running around with it hanging out of his mouth. Instead you gave me back a boy who went out the same day I picked him up and passed his WC with flying colors and is ready for JH. The wonderful thing is with the intensive training you had to have done with Moses, he still thrives on retrieving. All he wants to do is go get the bird and bring it back with such gusto. I’ve had friends in other parts of the country who placed their dogs with trainers and when they were returned, the dog had lost all drive and interest in retrieving. Sad but true. Definitely not the case with Moses! I just can’t believe he’s the same boy I left with you 2 short weeks ago. It’s just amazing. Now I feel he is truly healthy mentally as well as physically, all thanks to you.

You must have a secrete formula for training? If you could bottle it, no doubt you’d make a fortune….

I will be more than happy to refer my friends and anyone I meet, to you for training their dogs, no matter what breed….

Thanks again, PJ. You really pulled a rabbit out of your hat with Moses.

With much appreciation, gratitude and Thanks,”

Karen (Moses sends sloppy, wet labby kisses and hugs to you) from IN.

Testimonial 3

“Training with Casey is going quite well. My evening walks with her are, quite frankly, remarkable……It almost seems like she takes on a desire to learn and to please as soon as that remote collar goes on. We’ve been using the collar sporadically throughout the day inside the house, in the back yard and during my walks with her. She’s responding very well to it. Inside the house, she now sits and stays at the door and – -most importantly – – at the top and bottom of stairs when the “WAIT” command is given.”

Jeff in St. Louis, MO

Testimonial 4

Dear Jay and PJ,
I got a standard poodle puppy, Annie, that was out of control. She would not listen to my husband nor myself. Plus she had asserted dominance over my ten year old standard poodle, Bailey, the first day we brought her home. I was committed to keeping her yet I was at the end of my rope. One day while driving down Hwy 40, I saw a vehicle that said ‘The Dawg Trainer.’ Sounded like something I needed. When surfing Cesar Millan’s website, he recommended a particular professional website and if a trainer was affiliated with this, he would endorse this individual. Well there is ‘The Dawg Trainer’ once again so I knew this was meant to me. I began training with my puppy. It was recommended that we use the Tritronics remote collar training. It was imperative that I like this trainer and that I feel comfortable with this whole process. I was amazed and overjoyed with the results I saw from the first session. I completed all 4 sessions with my puppy. My husband and I felt it was like living with a different dog. My neighbors commented on the changes they witnessed. The most disobedient dog I have ever owned was now the most obedient dog I have ever owned. Well my older dog was very submissive and frightened. Even though she was 10 years old, I learned to raise the bar on my expectations as to what can be accomplished with this collar and the right trainer. Even though it was difficult for me to zap this sweet and timid dog, yet it gave her confidence and empowerment. She had always seen me as her buddy but I was not an assertive pack leader for her. Well it gave me confidence in myself. My older dog now knows exactly what is expected of her and she is seeming so much more relaxed around men which she has always feared. More and more her tail is upright and in the correct position rather than between her legs.

Dog training is so important. I wish more people would do this. Think of all the dogs we all know that would benefit from this type of training. Actually it is the owner’s that need the training as it was in my case. Jay and PJ taught me how to let my dogs be dogs. Both of my poodles respond to my commands and can go outside without leashes. The dogs are as happy as they can be and I am so proud of the two obedient dogs that no longer chase after cars, deer, other dogs, passers-by, etc.

The best part about training with Jay, PJ and this collar is it enhances your relationship with your pet. I am closer to my two dogs than ever. They see me as their pack leader, they respect me and we all know a dog wants to be with the pack leader all the time. My husband and myself are so thrilled with the training that you both offered. I feel my two dogs came from God and so did the both of you. I will continue to recommend ‘The Dawg Trainer’ to all my dog loving friends and acqaintances. Thank you so much.

Vicki and Jim
Defiance, MO

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