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The St. Louis River City Delta Waterfowl Chapter

Saturday, March 1st, 2008

St. Louis River City Delta WaterfowlThe Dawg Trainer was on hand last night at the St. Louis River City Delta Waterfowl banquet. It is always nice to be around good food and good people. STL Delta is currently raising money to build a handicap accessible blind at the Columbia Bottom Conservation Area. The beauty of Delta Waterfowl is that 25% of all funds raised by your River City Committee stay right here in St. Louis. The Dawg Trainer donated 2 group gun dog classes and 2 private gun dog sessions to be auctioned off. The evening was a big success.

NuVet Labs helps pets in St. Louis area

Thursday, January 24th, 2008

More and more of the pets I see come through The Dawg Trainer and Canine Clips are having trouble with eye, ear and/or skin problems. A lot of them have started taking NuVet Plus supplements and I am seeing a change in these problems. They offer a 100% guarantee. Check them out at 


Retriever Training at The Dawg Trainer

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

Brody Brody is returning with a bumper. Brody arrived here at The Dawg Trainer a little over a week ago. Brody likes to retrieve a lot. He also likes to play keep away. Bumper, duck, dog dish or anything he can pick up he enjoys running with. Problem was, he was usually running the opposite direction.

Brody loves attention. He will bring back all retrieves for a nice “that’a boy”. Brody is now ready to join The Dawg Trainer’s retriever class on Saturdays. Brody will sit at your side and “mark” to watch for bumpers or birds to fall then run out to pick them up. He now comes running back and sits so you can take the item so he can go again! Brody is also becoming a better dog to have around. He is off lead around the property with a reliable recall and helps me do odd and end chores here on the farm. Brody’s owners are very proud of him. In the weeks to come, Brody will make a nice pet dog as well as a nice gun dog.

Luke is looking for a new home.

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

LukeMeet Luke. He really is a nice guy. You can even ask Dr. Pam Echterling and her staff at Cave Springs Animal Hospital. Luke was there on Tuesday for his vet visit. Luke had blood work done and received vaccinations without even a flinch. Luke is a healthy 3 year old Rottweiler mix. He weight 70 pounds at the vet clinic but he is on a diet. He is neutered and micro-chipped.

Luke has been in shelters, foster homes and has been adopted twice already. Luke’s only problem is he loves to run. He is full of energy and is strong as an ox. Luke is now learning manners. On Tuesday, the first time Luke was let out of the kennel, he took off like a bullet and just about took my arm out of it’s socket. I worked with Luke for about 15 minutes and put him up to rest for a little while. By the time we left for the vet that evening, he was much better behaved. He greeted the staff with a smile and a wagging tail. Once Luke is finished with the training program, he will come when called, heel, sit, down, stay, place, wait, and he will know many more commands. For the person that adopts Luke, they will have free training for the life of Luke. The Dawg Trainer guarantee.

 Luke likes everyone. His last home was with a small dog and a young boy that he slept with every night. Luke will have to be watched when outside or must be in a fenced in yard to make sure he does not run off again. He will need lots of exercise.

If you would be interested in adopting Luke, leave me a post.

The Dawg Trainer – Where dog ownership becomes fun again!

Saturday, January 5th, 2008

Where dog ownership become fun again! Your dog will learn to come when called, sit, wait, heel, down, stay and much much more! Training is guaranteed for the life of the dog.

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