St. Louis Dog Trainer Answers: How Did This Happen With The Dogs?

“With the ever increasing population density in our cities and surrounding communities the historical approach to canine ownership is no longer a viable approach.  The problems that are arising  DO NOT lie with the dogs but with humans and their changing perceptions and circumstances”. 1

Wow, what a mouthful. I would like to talk about this some. I agree with this statement but only to some degree. I do believe that the problems lies with us, the human, for the shape of things today. but I am not convinced that it is due to the population density in our cities and communities. Let me explain:

Think back in time. Think back when you were growing up with your family dog. Do you remember? Playing in the yard with your dog right there beside you. You both made army forts together or maybe it was mud pies. The neighbors came over with their dog and while you played cowboys and indians, the dogs ran and played with you. Most yards did not have fences and many times, you would open the front door to find one of the neighbor’s dogs sitting in the yard with Fido and you thought nothing of that.

Now, fast forward to the present. Look around you. What do you see? Today, everyone seems to have a fence. Many of those are actually privacy fences where no one can see what the person on the inside is doing. We wake up of a morning, let the dog out, feed the dog, and then we leave for work. Many of us travel an hour or more each way to and from work then add at least 8 hours on the job. That makes for a minimum of 10 hours away. When we get home, we’re exhausted. By the time we let Fido out again and fix dinner; all we wish to do is relax for a bit. Weekends are not that much different. Some of us need to work the overtime to make ends meet – especially in this economy of cost going up and income going down. Some of us need to get away on the weekends because we find our jobs so stressful that we need the break. Where does that leave Fido?

We bring Fido home as a puppy and we think he is so cute that we can not set boundaries and rules yet. Let him be a puppy. As he grows up, we can’t take Fido out in public because he has no manners. Then Fido is full grown. He’s strong and pays us no attention. Fido stays at home when we go places because he jumps on people or snarls at strangers or charges other dogs. How did this happen?

Many things brought this about. All of these things could have turned out better if we would have slowed down and set rules and boundaries in the beginning. Nutrition and genetics also play roles in our pets behavior but even those are more tolerable when we set rules and boundaries.

Before you ever pick up your puppy, think about how you want your puppy to behave and make a plan to make that successful. Hiring a pet dog trainer should be in that plan. Start from day one, taking your puppy with you everywhere humanly possible. Please keep in mind, you do not want to leave a puppy unattended in a car. Socialize this puppy to people, strangers and other dogs. Attend puppy socialization classes and beginning obedience class. You will want to teach your puppy right away not to jump on people. Teach your puppy how to come when he is called and how to sit. Use the sit command when you meet a stranger. Your puppy does not get pet until he sits. Do not pet your puppy while he is jumping up. Teach your puppy how to be calm. A pet dog trainer can help you set up your puppy for success and set you on the right path to enjoy your puppy for many years to come.

What brings the biggest success to raising your puppy???? Consistency. Throughout your dog’s life, practice consistently the behavior you wish your dog to exhibit. If you let your dog bolt through the door, bark constancy or chase the neighbor’s kids, that is the behavior they will learn. If every time you open the door, the dog has to sit; practice consistently, every time you open the door your dog will automatically sit without you saying differently. The next thing you will know, people will start telling you they wish their dog behaved as well as yours.

Contact your local pet dog trainer today to see how they can get you were you would like to be with your dog.


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