Meet St. Louis Dog Trainer’s New Pup!

I went on a new adventure today. I took the Golden Eagle Ferry across the river to Siever’s Retrievers There were Labs and Goldens everywhere. There were even a few that came out to greet me.

Hunter is starting to show his age. Since he has been such a wonderful retriever; I felt he deserved to be healthy enough to enjoy retirement. So, I have trained a few of Siever’s Retrievers; I figured I would check out what they had. I came home with a cute puppy Lab from Angel and Gunner. I played with a few pups but this young man just loved to play with a bumper and a duck wing. His tail wagged the whole time. While I was there talking to Roger Siever; he showed me an older boy about 6 months old. His name is Haus. Haus also came home with me for retriever training.

Meanwhile, I still have not picked a name for the new puppy. I had thought about PJ’s Fetch’m Up and call him Fetch but so far, no one seems to appreciate that name. Maybe it will grow on them? I figured I would start a new thread on the forum: Name That Puppy! If you believe you have a name to add; go to and let me know what you think “puppy” should be named!

Keep an eye on the blog. I will be posting more about “puppy” and Haus.

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