Having Fun AND Building A Relationship With Your Dog

Today’s dogs have joined the unemployed population. They are bored and looking for things to do. We, as dog owners, need to give them something to do. To do this, we must build our relationship with our dogs. There are many ways to build a relationship with your dog. All these ways revolve around communication and learning how to communicate with your dog. Some ways are more fun that others. One of the favorite ways among dog owners are teaching tricks! Dog tricks are entertaining and they help teach your dog to think. Tricks will also give you a way to enjoy your dog in the coming winter months.

The following dog tricks are not listed in any particular order. Some are pretty easy to teach and others are a bit more work. This list is not all inclusive but is intended to give you some ideas. To teach a trick, use your dog’s favorite treat or favorite toy. If you know of more trick ideas or have a funny story about dog tricks, please feel free to post them in the comment section. I’ll post a funny trick comment about Catch in the comments area after this blog post.

Answer the Phone


Jump Through a Hoop

Jump Over Your Arm/Leg/Stick

Jump Into Your Arms

Roll a Barrel

Drag a Box

Carry The Leash/Walk Yourself

Walk Another Dog

Shell Game



Take a Bow



Wipe Your Feet




Stick Out Your Tongue


Turn On/Off Lights

Sit Pretty

Give Me a Kiss

Wag Your Tail

Shake Your Head Yes or No

Find The Ball/Toy/Treat/Keys/Person

Carry a Message

Shake Hands

Play Dead

Roll Over


Say Your Prayers

Balance a Treat and Catch it

Bring the Newspaper

Get the Mail

Walk on Hind Legs

Push a Carriage

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2 Responses to “Having Fun AND Building A Relationship With Your Dog”

  1. TheDawgTrainer Says:

    I’ve been teaching Catch to answer questions with a “Yes” or “No” shake of his head. Catch now answers everything with a “no”. The more excited he is, the harder he shakes his head no…..

    We’ll keep working on it!

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