Whatever it Takes for the Life of Your Dog Guarantee

When you and your dog enroll in one of my pet dog training programs, I make a lifetime commitment to your desire that he becomes an enjoyable pet. Within the confines of the program you choose, I will do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes to achieve this and it will never cost you another cent.This is the guarantee, and I mean it. My reputation depends on your success with your dog.

There are some things I would like for you to do to make this guarantee work. Should you encounter problems with your dog while you are training, call me. We will discuss the problem and I will advise you. If this does not solve the problem, we will make arrangements to get you the proper help.

Should you find it necessary for any reason to drop out of the program before you have completed it, you can at any later time re-enroll. All it takes is a telephone call to me.

You may repeat the program as many times as you wish.

You may bring your dog back for refresher training whenever you wish.

Should you ever need to give your dog away, the new owners can enroll him at no charge.

Should another family member wish to bring the dog at a later time, there is no charge.

This is not the limit of my guarantee. If these things don’t get the job done, we will improvise. When I say I am committed to your owning a wonderful dog, I am serious.

There are things I expect of you. Be as committed to your goal as I am. Picture in your mind the dog you want. Keep that picture in your mind and work every day to make the vision reality. Ask for any help you need. And stay the course until the dream is fulfilled.

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