Here at The Dawg Trainer, we offer numerous options for training your companion.

Pet Dog Training:

Where Dog Ownership Becomes Fun Again

The Dawg Trainer, located between Foristell and New Melle, Missouri, is committed to helping you have the dog you always wanted. We can help you make owning your dog fun again. We specialize in RESULTS, and we guarantee it with our “Whatever It Takes for the Life of Your Dog Guarantee”. All pet dog training programs come with this guarantee along with the use of the Confidence Course. There is more information about the confidence course here.

We offer a wide variety of training options to fit your needs. All our pet obedience programs provide you with reliable obedience, WITHOUT A LEASH, even around the distractions of real life. And, we resolve those annoying problem behaviors you may be encountering such as housetraining, jumping, digging, bolting through doors, play biting, pulling on the leash, chewing, etc.

Nobody gets a dog because they don’t have enough trouble and stress in their lives. You got your dog because you wanted to add fun to your life. The Dawg Trainer will help you turn your dog into the pet you’ve always wanted. The dog you can take places and do things with. The dog you can be proud to own, enjoy, and have fun with.

Free Evaluation and Demonstration:
If you are unsure which training program best suits your needs, would like more information about our programs, or would like to see how quickly your dog’s behavior will change using our simple, safe and humane methods call or email for an appointment. We will gladly demonstrate our approach to a happy, well trained dog at no charge.

Private In-Home Dog Training
Private, one on one pet dog training with the trainer at your location or our’s. Your dog receives our undivided attention. Click here to learn more.

Combination Group Class Program:
Pet dog training in a group setting outside New Melle. Click here to see Combination Group Class Program for more details.

7 Day Training Camp:
Dog camp for pet dog training. Your pet spends 7 days at our facility. Click here to see more details on our 7 Day Training Camp!

14 Day Training Camp:
Dog camp for pet dog training. Your pet spends 2 weeks at our facility.  Click here for more details about our 14 Day Training Camp!.

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