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St. Louis Dog Trainer – The Dawg Trainer’s June 2009 Where’s Karlie?

Friday, June 5th, 2009

May’s Winner for Where’s Karlie?

Friday, June 5th, 2009

We have a winner! Isn’t Sparky cute?! Sparky is sitting on a bench at Chesterfield Commons.

St Louis Dog Trainer – TDT On The Go!

Friday, June 5th, 2009

Join Us for training – on the go!

Canine Professionals Gathering at St. Louis’ The Dawg Trainer

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

May 17th was a fun fill day for professional dog trainers and professions that work with dogs. The Dawg Trainer held one of their well know Canine Professionals Gathering. These gatherings allow for networking and continued education. Of course, there is always the free food to make the day worthwhile.

Demos were readily available on this day. A demo on how to start training with the remote collar was followed up by off lead socialization for all dogs to attend. Then we were off to have lunch and on to a protection work demo. From there we moved down to the confidence course for some fun times. We discussed different training techniques as well as just had fun with our dogs.

When looking for a professional to work with you and your dog, always check to see if they are continuing their education. We all know how things do change on a regular bases no matter what profession we work in.

May 2009 Where’s Karlie?

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

April’s Winner of Where’s Karlie

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

And the winner is……………….. Greta & Jessie! This picture was taken out front of the Lake St. Louis Equine center in Hawks Point, MO. You may also know the area by Green’s Feed Store off of Hwy. N and 40.

Congrats Greta & Jessie!!

St. Louis Dog Trainer Believes In Continued Education

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Wow! I just returned home for Hutto, TX and I am exhausted! It was well worth it though. I enjoyed my week long trip. I made new friends, meet up with old friends plus learned a few new tricks along the way.

What made me make the trip to Hutto, TX you ask? Let me tell you all about it. I am a professional member in an organization called IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals). Their yearly conference is held at Triple Crown. Triple Crown is one of the best known schools for dog trainers and IACP has been lucky enough to have their facility donated every year for their conference. I am also a co-founder of an organization called CPAC (Canine Political Action Corps). IACP is a sponsor of CPAC and always donates a booth to CPAC during their conferences.

Robin MacFarlane of That’s My Dog! Inc. is also a co-founder of CPAC. Robin and I sat at the CPAC booth through the IACP conference. Robin shared her wisdom with all that visited the booth. Robin and I also brainstormed about business and CPAC.

Sarah Wilson of My Smart Puppy was one of the speakers at the conference. Wow. What a woman. I truly enjoyed meeting her. Sarah also joined the IACP Safe Handlers committee and I look forward to working with her on that committee. Sarah is written books and been interviewed on radio stations, newspaper and tv shows.

John Wade
spoke on dog aggression. What an entertaining speaker he is. He made a lot of sense during his talk about how to deal with aggression in a dog. John made a comment during his presentation and I’m afraid I have to agree with him. John talked about when dealing with aggression cases, purely positive training does not work. In this writer’s opinion, dogs need both sides of the conversation. Imagine what your teenager would be like if you only told them when they were right. By the time they learned what they were doing was wrong – we would all be in a world of hurt – or at least they would have been hurt and we would be upset because our child was hurt when we could have prevented it.

Pam Lauritzen of ISCC (International Society of Canine Cosmetologist) spoke on grooming for the non-groomer. What an awesome and inspiring lady. I met Pam many years ago and this woman still continues to amaze me. ISCC has been a supporter of CPAC from the beginning when it was just a tiny little thought in my head. Over the year, Pam has continued to expand her collection of educational material for the groomer and it is a must for every groomer to own.

I was also able to spend time with Brother Christopher from the Monks of New Skete. Religion and dog training – who would have thought. :) Mark from Kong and Chris from PetSafe where also on hand to enjoy their company.

What an great group to hang around with. This was one of my favorite conferences ever.

Delta Waterfowl Annual Dinner and Fundraiser on February 20, 2009

Monday, January 12th, 2009

The Dawg Trainer is a big supporter of Delta Waterfowl and we are looking forward to their annual dinner. To learn more about Delta Waterfowl or to learn more about their dinner, check or call Dan Patrick at 314-537-1796.

How Is The Economy Affecting Your Pet?

Monday, January 5th, 2009

Today I had an interesting grooming case that got me to thinking. I have been grooming these 2 Bichons for a few years now. I have not seen these Bichons for about 5 months; so I’m sure you have a real good idea on how they looked when they came into the shop.The owner said to me, “Do whatever you have to do – I do not care. Please do not be upset with me over their condition. I just can not afford to get them groomed.”

As I lifted the first ear flap, the smell was very strong. The ear was very warm and red. After removing some of the hair from the ear canal and cleaning up the ears, we moved on to toe nails that were very long. The toes of the dogs were actually starting to cramp up. Then off to the bath tub where anal glands were very full and uncomfortable.

I was able to fix most of the above problems. I expressed the anal glands; took the toe nails as short and the long quicks would let me, and removed all mats. The owner was very lucky but not completely off the hook. Both dogs still have to make a vet visit for their ears. Odds are good they will have to go on antibiotics for ear infections. That alone will cost more than bringing the dogs in for a groom sooner. Imagine how many more grooms this owner could have had if there had been skin break down from the mats or impacted/infected anal glands or a toe nail embedded into a pad. Sometimes what seems like a good way to save money, actually cost you more money.

Elephant and dog make best friends!

Sunday, January 4th, 2009

Check out this cool video! Life should be so easy.

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