Canine Professionals Gathering at St. Louis’ The Dawg Trainer

May 17th was a fun fill day for professional dog trainers and professions that work with dogs. The Dawg Trainer held one of their well know Canine Professionals Gathering. These gatherings allow for networking and continued education. Of course, there is always the free food to make the day worthwhile.

Demos were readily available on this day. A demo on how to start training with the remote collar was followed up by off lead socialization for all dogs to attend. Then we were off to have lunch and on to a protection work demo. From there we moved down to the confidence course for some fun times. We discussed different training techniques as well as just had fun with our dogs.

When looking for a professional to work with you and your dog, always check to see if they are continuing their education. We all know how things do change on a regular bases no matter what profession we work in.

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