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The Dawg Trainer Crew – Christmas 2010! We are a dedicated to you and your dog’s success. Cliff (back right) has been with The Dawg Trainer for 3 years. Cliff helps with training and kennel work. Bill (back left) has been with The Dawg Trainer for almost 2 years. Bill’s favorite past time is walking around giving the dogs treats and pats on the head! Bill also helps with the kennel repairs, work and pick up or delivery when PJ can not. Nathan joined the crew in April of 2010. Nathan helps with the kennel work. PJ has been at this location for 9 years. Read more about PJ below.

PJ Stull grew up around dogs and other animals. As a young adult, she had a dog that had many skin problems and started to groom the dog to make it easier to treat her skin problems and to make the dog more comfortable. This was the start of PJ’s career with dogs. PJ went on to attend All About Dog Grooming school and started working on her handling skills. In an effort to improve her handling skills, PJ started attending educational seminars on all styles of dog training. By 2002, PJ became a member of IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals) where she was introduced to remote collar training. To learn more about this method of training, PJ attended educational seminars on different styles of remote collar training such as No Limitations and That’s My Dog! Inc.

The onward quest for education lead PJ to join organizations like ISCC (International Society of Canine Cosmetologist), and NDGAA (National Dog Groomers Association of America). Due to the concerns revolving around health and safety issues in the canine profession, PJ helped to co-found CPAC (Canine Political Action Corps) in 2006. PJ was the spokesperson for CPAC at many educational seminars as well as a speaker on training, grooming and legislation. To continue her education, PJ has also attended seminars on Canine Kinesthetic. Canine Kinesthetic works on the body of the dog. PJ has learned through the years of working with dogs that behavioral problems can often be a symptom of a dog’s discomfort.

PJ is the owner of The Dawg Trainer, head pet trainer and gun dog trainer.

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