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7 Day Training Camp

Do you have a good dog? Maybe he jumps up on people occasionally when he is excited or he looks the other way when you call him. Perhaps he pulls on the leash a bit when you walk him but over all, he is a good dog. Would you like to have even those little problems go away? If so, this is the program for you. During your dog’s 7 day stay here at The Dawg Trainer, he will learn to walk on a loose leash at your side, sit when you stop walking as well as sitting politely on command. PLUS come when called – even off leash! Guaranteed! You will be welcome to group class after finishing this program to teach your dog to down, stay, place and wait for Free!

For dogs who have aggression problems, housebreaking problems or other behavioral problem, we recommend one of the other training programs. Give us a call at 636-279-5553 if you are unsure which program best fits your situation or if you would like to see a free training demo with your dog.

The cost of the 7 Day Training Camp is $900.00.

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