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Importance of Socialization While Young.

Saturday, September 27th, 2008

Socialization during puppy hood is very important. For a well balanced, happy and social adult dog, socialization needs to start as soon as you get your new puppy. You have seen me posting about Force since I got him 12 days ago. I picked Force up when he was 49 days old exactly. In the last 12 days, Force has visited the vet to make sure he was healthy; rode on a ferry boat; has been to PetsMart; training evaluations and demos; training lessons, both private training and group lessons. And he has even been to Wisconsin. The slide show below is of Force in WI at a dog trainer’s seminar: Ecollarpallooza. Force was never in danger and was able to be socialized with adults, children and dogs. Some of the top dog trainers in the USA along with a trainer from Greece were in attendance with their dogs at this conference. If you have been watching The Dawg Trainer Twitter account, you have seen pictures of Force playing with other dogs during training sessions and with a group of children. Allow your dog to walk around and explore his environment in a safe manner. Force has been able to explore the world with my guidance. This well help him to become a well rounded, balanced and confident adult. Enjoy the slide show.

Force in WI

Friday, September 26th, 2008

What a weekend. I’m still recovering and catching up. Robin MacFarlane and the staff at That’s My Dog! Inc. did an awesome job of putting on one of the best seminars that I have seen in awhile. JT Cough talked about Twitter and Twitpics along with other marketing ideas on the web.

George Cockrell….Wow. George is an old dear friend that makes trick training look so easy. George has been training most of his adult life. He owns Companions Dog Training in MD. George has made me look at starting a trick class next spring.

Dick Russel’s appearance and his Large Field Socialization was interesting to watch. Dick LFS is set up that no dog needs training to join. He tells the owners they are to completely surrender their dogs to his control and he lets the dogs work out the problems unless there is blood shed. He claimed that even the most dog aggressive dog improves with only a few sessions.

And Force had a blast as well. Denise is making me a CD of all the pictures she took. Once I have the CD, I will make a slide show for the blog and will talk about how important socialization is for a young pup. Force spent time with adults, children, dogs and a cat while in WI. He also learned how to travel for a long distance and to behave in a hotel room. All this at 7 weeks old. Keep an eye out on the blog. I will be posting more on this soon.

Twitter and TwitPics

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

While at E-collarpolooza this weekend, JT Cough talked about networking on the web. Twitter and TwitPics were 2 areas in which she talked about. I can post from my iphone a quick comment or a picture and it will show up at I know the picture part I will use often. Thanks JT!

Force meets Tessa on TwitPic

Meet St. Louis Dog Trainer’s New Pup!

Monday, September 15th, 2008

I went on a new adventure today. I took the Golden Eagle Ferry across the river to Siever’s Retrievers There were Labs and Goldens everywhere. There were even a few that came out to greet me.

Hunter is starting to show his age. Since he has been such a wonderful retriever; I felt he deserved to be healthy enough to enjoy retirement. So, I have trained a few of Siever’s Retrievers; I figured I would check out what they had. I came home with a cute puppy Lab from Angel and Gunner. I played with a few pups but this young man just loved to play with a bumper and a duck wing. His tail wagged the whole time. While I was there talking to Roger Siever; he showed me an older boy about 6 months old. His name is Haus. Haus also came home with me for retriever training.

Meanwhile, I still have not picked a name for the new puppy. I had thought about PJ’s Fetch’m Up and call him Fetch but so far, no one seems to appreciate that name. Maybe it will grow on them? I figured I would start a new thread on the forum: Name That Puppy! If you believe you have a name to add; go to and let me know what you think “puppy” should be named!

Keep an eye on the blog. I will be posting more about “puppy” and Haus.

St. Louis Dog Trainer Cutest Dog Contest

Saturday, September 13th, 2008

Enter to win a $50 gas card! Check out today!

St. Louis Dog Trainer attends Ecollarpallooza

Saturday, September 13th, 2008

It’s that time of year again. Robin MacFarlane at That’s My Dog! Inc. has lined up a wonderful seminar for E4. Check out this line up:

For those of you that are thinking of training dogs as a profession; this is one seminar you should not miss.

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